Jane the Virgin spoke about Sleep Training and it was GLORIOUS.

Little known fact : We at Ray love a certain Villanueva.

Yep, we're talking about Jane the Virgin. :) A refreshing, side-splittingly hilarious telenovela that follows Jane Villenueva, a virgin who just so happens to get pregnant through artificial insemination, and go on to have adorable baby Mateo. 
We don't wanna give away much. It's a fun watch!

But a certain Season 2 episode was even more special; because it summed up what we've been researching day and night, and in typical Jane fashion - infant sleep regression.

The episode starts with Jane, her mom Xo and grandma Alba, struggling to solve baby Mateo's fussy sleep problem.

Great Grandma preaches tough love and Jane's having none of it.

Great grandma preaches tough love- and Jane's having none of it. 

"Sleep training"? Ugh, kids nowadays.

No Caption it.gif

So what IS the plan?

Every mom's night routine, eh?

Can we get some soccer-style commentators to narrate our lives?


Day #1 forecast : #FAIL


Time for plan B!

We interrupt this program to bring you


Something tells me this won't end well

Sounds totally doable. NOT.

Thank heavens for baby monitors!

Gentle independent sleep: #MegaFail

There's disappointment all around.

Time for some solid abuela advice for new moms EVERYWHERE


Final plan.



This just in: #GrandmasKnowBest

Every parents' dream. 

If only there was a way to intelligently track your baby's sleeping pattern, eh? 
Hint : there is. Heard of Ray? :)

Until then, thank you, Villanueva family, from new moms everywhere.

This article does not advocate one single method of sleep training, each baby is different. We encourage parents to find what works best for them. :)

So tell us what you think! And don't forget to share with any new parents you know! :)

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